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A little over 2 months ago we equipped one of My Urban Greenhouse’s undercurrent home grow systems with four clones (three different strains.) Our mission was to show a novice grower how easy it is to start growing your own cannabis plants. Being that is it legal in Oregon to grow 4 cannabis plants, we took My Urban Greenhouse’s LED lighted grow system for a spin.  Co-Founder Steven Lewis has been showcasing with us the growing cycle through their easy to use grow systems.

At this mark in our grow cycle, we are ready to give the plants one last trim before changing the light cycle and kicking these ladies into bloom.  Up until this point, the cannabis plants have been receiving 18 hours of light with 6 hours of darkness.  When changing the light cycle for bloom we schedule the light to be on for 12 hours with 12 hours of darkness to follow.

Now that we are 8 weeks in and have taken another step in changing the light schedule for bloom, we can still say that this has been an extremely easy process.  We can see how once we are done with these four plants it will be on to another project of four different strains to continue growing.  After setting the entire system up with Mr. Lewis, we know that setting clones up again will be easy sailing.

As the bloom cycle gets going we will update with pictures and video as buds start to grow.  We will take this series all the way up until the first toke of each of the three strains being grown! If you are considering growing at home you can utilize our video documentation with Mr. Lewis of My Urban Greenhouse. This next video in the series goes through one last trim and the change over to bloom

Please let us know if you are interested in talking more with My Urban Greenhouse to grow your own cannabis at home! We would be more than happy to make an introduction and get you the proper help that you need

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