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When our phone pinged with a notification from Leafly yesterday, we sighed with mild annoyance. We keep well abreast of marijuana news and it would probably make sense to turn the notifications off; they rarely bring something new to our attention. This time, however, we came across something we might not have caught otherwise: Leafly released their list of the top ten most beautiful marijuana dispensaries in America and unsurprisingly, Portland found its way onto the list.

As you might expect, the list is dominated by San Francisco, Portland, and Denver. But when we clicked the link, there was only one question on our mind: would Portland have one or two dispensaries on the list? Because it’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t a list of the “best” dispensaries, it’s a list of the “most beautiful”. And while there are many dispensaries that we know we can go to for top quality bud and good prices, there are other dispensaries we go to if we want to pick up high end accessories or show off for out of town friends.

So when we scrolled through the listings, we wondered how many Portland shops we’d find. Would it be Serra or Farma? When a friend recently flew in from India, our stop was Serra, but that was only because it’s slightly closer to the airport. Ten minutes later, we strolled through the doors at Farma.

It seems that Leafly agrees with our assessment, because they placed Serra’s downtown location at number three on the list and Farma and number eight. Though to be fair, it’s not evident that the list is any order. The list focuses on the aesthetics of shops, so they don’t mention the things that we like most about the dispensaries. In fact, the most interesting bit about the list may be the normalcy of it all: these high-end marijuana boutiques get the nod for looking, more or less, like any high-end boutique in Portland that sells a more conventional product.

And that’s fine, and we’re glad that Portland can represent nationally, but here are the real reasons that the two shops are great:

Serra is a gallery for smoking accessories. Your trusty Daily Leaf correspondent, like Doggy Dog, is all about that Zig-Zag smoke. But Serra makes him wish that he had the interest – and the budget – to acquire high-end smoking accessories. This shop is all about being profesh. For two long, cannabis smoking has been associated with blown glass and hippies. We like the way Serra takes it to the next level. Oh, and they also sell great weed, especially from their dedicated grower, Pruf Cultivar.

Farma deserves its place on the list simply because they have the best-educated budtending staff around. In many dispensaries, you’ll occasionally get a budtender who can really get into the intricacies of a strains terpene profile with you, but as often as not, the extent of their knowledge “yeah man, it’s a super stoney pure indicia.” At Farma, the ratio skews the other way: more often than not, your budtender will truly be an expert. This matters to us
Whether they qualify based on aesthetics or overall quality, we’re glad to see these two high-end dispensaries on the list. Though we’ve got to admit, next time we’d like to see Leafly’s top ten list of bargain dispensaries across America.