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Laughing Lotus Farms is a collective of patients and growers located in Klamath Falls. Their patients discovered that by ingesting cannabis in different forms was more helpful for them as opposed to just smoking. Some patients need and seek a more mellowing effect, this helps treat insomnia. On the other hand some patients stated that they need to stay level-headed throughout the day when at work, but overall they were looking for pain relief.

  In order to properly treat each individual patient’s conditions, Laughing Lotus has developed a line of products that have been tested by patients. At Laughing Lotus Farms they use the whole cannabis plant to extract and  make all of their salves, tinctures and canna-pills. They also grow a diverse range of sun-grown and indoor organic in-house developed cannabis strains and other well-known medical varieties. They specifically breed for the best and top medicinal value using Northern Lights #2 as their base.

 They create products high in THCA and other cannabinoids and terpenes, which go missing though the heating process by carefully non-decarboxylating the plant.

All of Laughing Lotus Farms products are compliance tested for potency and contaminants.

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