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With Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah both falling on December 24th, you have just a little over a week left to figure out that last minute gift or ironic funny novelty top off to make you the best gift giver of the family this year.  We figured we could point you in the directions for a few things that caught our idea…


Stoney Tonys Glass Pipe Cleaner

We met Stony Tony earlier this year at a trade show down in Salem, and were put on to what he was slangin’… his glass cleaner.  We put it to the test with a bubbler that was 8 months over due for a cleaning and honestly couldn’t have been happier with how it came out.  Best part is that this glass cleaner is reuseable.  Once done with the clean sesh you can funnel the liquid back into the bottle.  We recommend heading over to his site and grabbing a bottle or two as a stocking stuffer at 10 bucks a pop

$10 Glass Cleaner


Kush Kards Holiday Box Set

We’ve been advocates of Kush Kards for a while now, and are glad to see their kards progress season after season with clever and witty punch lines to make the stoner in everyone crack a smile.

Holiday Box Set


Ultimate Home Grow System

Living in a state where cannabis is legal gives you the right to grow weed in your own home. What better way to experiment than with this extremely easy to use grow system by My Urban Greenhouse.  What caught our eye about their entire system and growing plan was that it was down right simple. To get yourself started, My Urban Greenhouse offers you a complete plan of action that requires your action once a week.  Now a serious grower will tell you that you need to connect with your bud and spend time with it and be one with jah, but to get you started My Urban Greenhouse can teach you how to grow and produce a quality plant.  The great thing about their systems is that they offer the entry level grower a way to get started, and their products advance in size and LED light strength and quality to offer a serious home grow system for the most experienced grower to perfect their craft.

We are currently testing their all new 4×6 4 plant undercurrent system and will be showcasing the grow as the next 3 months progress.  If you want to get growing and are not sure how to get going, we recommend getting in touch with these guys and learning.  Great knowledge makes a great grow!

My Urban Greenhouse


Magical Butter Machine

Now that you’ve got all of that flower pumping out of the grow system, its time to take that flower and make some butter or oil with this old school classic Magical Butter Machine.  The trend this year is to keep it simple and easy, and this machine will not add any stress to your life.  Best part about this holiday season and rolling with The Daily Leaf to keep your life stress free, we will be giving away a Magical Butter Machine!

Enter Here To Win


Good Flower!

We are tokers here at The Daily Leaf, and while we will try just about anything, it is the great flower producers in oregon that got us loving the cannabis industry.  No trip home is complete for the holidays without a nug or two of some preemo craft cannabis from Oregon. Here are a few top notch companies that are must-smokes moving into 2017

Ideal Farms

ReBirth Oregon

Novik Industries

Resin Ranchers



The Game Of Zonked

We recently sat down and played a game of Zonked last week and had a fucking blast for a couple of hours. Once you wrap your head around the rules, this game of 10,000 will be a good time. Its like playing Cards Against Humanity or the drinking game Kings with your friends, a good ol’ Friday night!

We have teamed up with creators of Zonked to give away a couple of games this holiday! To win a game, enter your email address here. *No need to enter your email address more than once*

Get Zonked!


Vaporizer Of Choice

We said simplicity is key to bring in the new year, and what better way to do away with all the bells and whistles and purchase a solid hand held vaporizer that will get the job done. Many concentrate vape solutions are plastic construction – at least on the outside – and that makes nervous about what kind of volatile compounds we might be inhaling along with our THC. The Lillian Mini is, as vape pens should be, made of metal and glass.  It comes in both a double coil and ceramic plate version. While we enjoy the easy cleaning and durability of the ceramic bake plate – which we’re told also works with flower – the double coil version really cooks and proved the best option in our eyes.

Purchase One For $30!


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