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If you’re a regular reader of the Daily Leaf, you know that we’re fans of heavy mountainous Kush strains and we like our buds to be purple. Nepali, Burmese, Afghan… take your pick, as far as we’re concerned, it’s hard to lose when you pick up strains from that region. When we stumbled across Las Vegas Purple Kush strain (or LVPK, as it’s often known), we had a feeling that we had stumbled across something special.

The Las Vegas Purple Kush strain is a product of the crossing of Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush parents. We picked up a grow from One Family Farms that was full of large and leafy buds. They’re light sage in color with only the rare fleck of lavender, despite the strain name. Typically, we’d expect to find darker buds on a plant with these genetics. The fragrance of this strain is impressive and abundant, with an overbearing spiciness dominating the palette. This spiciness is reminiscent of freshly ground white pepper, punctuated by top notes of aromatic earth. The peppery aroma is retained through combustion, with the LVPK’s smoke leaving a spicy aftertaste at the back of the throat.
And if you’re like us and enjoy those mountain Kushes, the Las Vegas Purple Kush strain will not disappoint. We usually only pick up a gram at a time, since we have a professional interest in trying a wide variety of cannabis. But we’re going to go back to the Grass Shack for seconds of this one. It provides a deep physical relaxation and tension relief akin to some CBD heavy strains, while also providing a mellow – and not buzzy – head high. Although we love to write and we love to smoke, we typically like to get our writing done before we start smoking. This strain, however, spurred us on to lucid and voluminous prose. We’re often skeptical when a budtender recommends a “creative strain”, but this one really got our minds working without incapacitating us to the point where we weren’t able to effectively translate those thoughts into action. Infrequent smokers will want to be careful with this strain, but regular users will find it powerful without being overwhelming.

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