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kung fu concentrates at pine state biscuitsA couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of catching lunch with the owner of Kung Fu Vapes, John Dawson Jr. Pine State Biscuits on Division was the setting of choice on a clear skied Monday. After filling our bellies with a few bowls of collard greens, Reggies and iced teas (and Reginas too); John handed me one of the new Kung Fu Vapes disposable cartridges for raw distillate, battery and charger included. Kung Fu Vapes has recently introduced a premier line of cannabis concentrates called Kung Fu Concentrates.

For anyone who has been keeping up to date with some of our product reviews, you may have noticed that I’m not as well versed in the dabbing game. All inexperience aside, I know a good cartridge when I see one, and definitely when I hit one. This are the most high end disposable cartridges on in the Washington market, and it’s only a matter of time before Kung Fu paves the way for cannabis concentrates hardware in Oregon and the surrounding legal states as well.

Kung Fu Vapes is originally based in Spokane, WA  and provides high end, exclusive vape for cannabis concentrates hardware. They also specialize in product sourcing, post production, as well as ancillary and automation services. Kung Fu Vapes has established a gold standard for disposable cartridges and vaporizers for distillate and high viscosity extracts.kung fu concentrates batteries

The first thing I noticed about the Kung Fu disposable cartridge and vaporizer was how lightweight the battery was and how advanced the cartridge looked in comparison to others on the market. I was lucky enough to get the sleek looking stainless steel Kung Fu Vapes battery, which is well suited for any occasion. John gave me the basic breakdown of how to operate the different features of the vaporizer: 5 clicks give you power (on and off), 3 clicks allows you to change the preset temperature setting (Red is the highest setting at 4V, green is the lowest temp at 3V, and blue is somewhere in the middle at 3.6V), and 2 clicks enables the cart warming mode for you and delivers an incredibly big rip.

kung fu concentrates cartridges with distillateAbout a month prior, John and I reconnected at a cannabis networking event. When we ran into each other, he gave me a sample cartridge of Strawberry Mango distillate (which tested at 97% THC) and I was literally blown away. Every single pull from a Kung Fu Vapes disposable cartridge is as smooth and sleek as the stainless steel battery that’s attached. Pyrex glass encircles some of the most potent concentrates that’s sure to kick you into high gear. The larger circumference of the mouthpiece allows for effortless and extremely soothing vape hits.kung fu concentrates cartridges

This time around I was honored to receive a gram cartridge of grape flavored distillate, this is perfect for a post meal smoke break. I took a couple quick pulls from the pen and was instantly blasted with hints of what reminded me of a grape flavored jolly rancher. Because of the high potency, I highly suggest for those of you that aren’t used to raw distillate to start slow. These vape pens house some of the most potent and pure concentrates I’ve personally consumed.

Some of my favorite features of the Kung Fu Vapes disposable cartridges are that they never get clogged and I have yet to find any leakage. Because cannabis derived as well as fruit derived terpenes are reintroduced into the Kung Fu Vapes base, the flavor is outstanding! Every hit from the pen is like taking the first bite of your favorite fruit before you know it’s about to be your favorite. Every time I use my Kung Fu pen the effects are virtually immediate. The head high is super functional but you could definitely get a case of the giggles if you’re not prepared to feel that bubbly floating sensation of the body high.

Kung Fu Concentrates is reframing the way the industry perceives and uses cannabis concentrates and cannabis concentrate hardware. Whether it’s thick oils or the clear, Kung Fu Concentrates has recreated the idea behind a high quality disposable cartridge. By using only the highest quality materials like Pyrex glass, stainless steel, and some of the purest raw distillate to add a high kick to your overall vaping experience.

(Photos Courtesy of Kung Fu Concentrates)