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A suspect has been arrested in a case involving a pot shop employee who was abducted from his workplace. Cameron Smith, 46, was working

Cameron Smith, 46, was working at the Lucid Marijuana store when customers came in and were denied sale due to not having a valid identification.  Later, a woman entered the store and attempted to buy products but was denied due to only being 18. Later that day, Smith was eating lunch in his car when security footage showed someone, later determined to be the earlier customer, walking up to Smith’s driver side door, pulling out a gun, shooting the window twice, and driving off in the SUV with Smith still inside.

The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office reported that Donovan Culps, 36, was taken into custody in relation to the incident and charged with first-degree kidnapping and first-degree robbery. The suspect was taken into custody in Goldendale, initially finding him exiting an apartment complex to enter a vehicle and engaging in a short vehicle chase, which ended with Culps crashing into a tree, and a foot chase before apprehension. Others in the car escaped apprehension at the time.  Culps’ wife Violetta Culps has not been apprehended, and recent reports state that Alisha Jackson, 18, was arrested on a federal charge of failing to report a felony.

Smith’s SUV was found later that week near Airway Heights, while his wallet was recovered by a road construction crew on the Spokane Indian Reservation. According to reports, Smith was later found dead. There are no lessons or warnings that can be gleaned from a random, violent act like this.

Surveillance photo shows the man allegedly involved in the kidnapping. (Photos from Cheney Police Dept.)