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Karma Originals is an Oregon cannabis producer with a vision of providing the highest-quality coupled with innovative approaches toward their products. That’s why we had to immediately try their Dipstick pre-roll, which is a triple threat of weed magic. It’s a perfectly-rolled 1 gram spliff, coated in kief and packed with amazing bud and rosin oil.

The flower within is Incredible Bulk, a strain with both hefty flowers and big-time genetics. This indica-dominant hybrid is a three-way cross between Super Skunk, Green Spirit, and notoriously chunky Big Bud. Incredible Bulk has around 18% THC, and on its own would give you couch lock. But we aren’t done yet…

Infused within the Bulk is New Year’s Eve Rosin oil, which touts a beefy 68% THC. One might think that would be quite enough, but Karma Originals has other plans for you…

This spliff is coated in Gorilla Walker kief on the outside, which is the first thing you taste when first lit. The kief gives way to the beauty within, and the rosin-infused flower begins to create a dance of delicious flavors all at once.

The joint smokes very well despite being comprised of so many elements. It burns a bit slower than expected, too. For 2 people, about 3/4 was plenty to give us the grins and make a Quantum Leap rerun seem as good as new. Pick up one of these bad boys, and you’ll be saying “Oh, boy” in no time. You could ask Ziggy where to find it, or just stop by Deanz Greenz.

We are not here solely to provide you with great weed products, even though we are really good at that. We believe that there is a responsibility that comes with the privilege of being able to legally purchase this amazing plant. We are high-quality everything. We start from the ground (literally, the soil we grow our cannabis in is amazing) up to our company standards, we keep quality high. To be able to consider ourselves a quality company, we need to help others be their best. We donate a percentage of proceeds to a different charity each month, so you know that you’re making a good choice when you purchase Karma Originals.

Clientele recognize the unshakeable quality and retailers are consistently pleased with the customer service and delivery options provided by Karma Originals. The care shown in customer service is one of the first indicators of the supreme quality of our products. Our mission is to treat people well in every way we can. We do that in every aspect of the Karma Originals company, from growing to production all the way through to delivery processes