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As most of us stoners have probably noticed, there’s a lot of pens on the market. Whenever a new one is released, everyone is always skeptical as to whether it will actually deliver. KandyPens continues to be a major player and one step ahead in both features and overall functionality. With their release of their new Donuts line in September, KandyPens created a temperature controlled oil and wax only pen that bubbles your dab rather than burning it. As far as flavor and aroma are concerned this pen is miles ahead of competition.

What makes it different from other oil and wax pens is that it uses a ceramic disk with a unique SloBurn™ technology, giving smokers the option to vape at extremely low temps for the best flavor and aroma possible. All the products from Kandypens have an element of sleekness about them and this one is definitely not an exception. The coolest part, KandyPens even provides customers with a lifetime warranty on the battery so they always got your back. It also comes in a super cool hard-shell carrying case for for those who want to be extra discrete. It’s an extraordinary new way to dab that will be sure to make big waves in the industry for a long time coming.

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