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Joint rolling has and will always been a coveted skill. Those who are able to master the art of rolling the perfect jay’s always get the most props. The only issue is that joint rolling can be tough when first starting out. If rolling a joint by hand has never been one of your top stoner skills, then here are some stoner hacks for anyone who isn’t quite yet ready to start rolling up. Rolling machines and pre-rolled cones give you two great and easy alternatives to rolling your own joints.

Rolling Machines

Joint Rolling

Rolling machines are designed to automate the rolling process by giving stoners a guided roll. These machines are made in many different styles, some are electric and others obligate the smoker to get some skin in the game – make sure to check the directions specific to your machine for the best joint rolling steps. No matter the make and model, it’s most important that your rolling machine fits your preferred paper size. While rolling machines do provide a guided roll, you can increase their efficiency by using a grinder to prepare your cannabis.

Pre-Rolled Cones

Joint Rolling

There has been a recent swell in popularity and demand for ‘pre-rolls’. As the name suggests, they are established pre-formed rolling papers that are created in a cone shape. Cones usually include a crutch filter for smoking ease, and are available in a variety of different papers, materials, and sizes. These cones make it super easy to roll on the go.

Pre-Rolled Packing Machines

Joint Rolling

There are also machines specifically designed to automate the cone stuffing process. They either inject the cone with cannabis, or use gravity and vibration to pack the cannabis into the vertical cone. Packing machines will most likely be found at your favorite dispensary in town to facilitate the amount of joints some shops have to roll in a day. These machines can fill pre-rolls up real quick, saving yourself a lot of time and energy.