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When it comes to pushing boundaries, we commend any business that takes the risk to try something new.  Especially in an Oregonian culture where the number of dispensary’s out-number that of McDonalds or Starbucks, it is extremely important to push the norm and experiment.  We’ve seen dispensary’s like Farma, Serra, Chalice Farms, and Oregon’s Finest create niche atmosphere’s that engulf a customer when they walk through the door.  None though…have done it quite like what you are about to experience at Jeffreys Joint.

Upon scoping the outside, and inside, of this new joint that is about to open on Green Friday, it’s got flair and style all of its’ own.  Newly revamped from the previous conception of Greensky Collective, Jeffreys Joint offers a unique twist on what customers are looking for when stopping into a dispensary.

Not only does Jeffreys Joint give you a great overall selection of products to purchase that are medicated, they go the extra mile to complete your trip, as if you were hitting a dope hipster bodega. Kambucha or Jones Soda to complete your purchase?  How about some old school hamburger gummies from back in the day of walking home from middle school?  Jeffreys Flower & Oil got all the feels!

At the end of the day, a dispensary can look and feel real nice, but how does the product stack up?  We got a sneak peak into what the shelves will be peppered with, and love their plentiful premium options.  We here at The Daily Leaf have been all over pre-rolls these past few months, and loved seeing their shelves stacked with Lit Sticks, TKO’s Kingpens, SugarTop Buddery, LTRMN Sticks, and a bunch of other options.

When it comes to their flower selection, that doesn’t stray far away from the top.  Fresh nugs from SoFresh Farms, 7 Points Oregon, and Mindful Organics to just drop a few names.

While you might think that this means there is a high price tag associated with your experience to Jeffrey’s Joint, but that is not the case.  Understanding the market is important, and this shop will feature $8 grams and eighths at a discount price at all times of well-sourced light-dep flower.

Make sure to check them out and get the same feels we did!

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