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As The Daily Leaf expands beyond our Portland home, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know individuals and companies involved in the marijuana business across the state. This week, your trusty Daily Leaf Correspondent had the opportunity to stop into the Leaf’s first partner in Bend, Oregon. Small but mighty, we were entirely impressed by what we found. This is our way of introducing The Herb Center, possibly Bend’s finest destination for marijuana consumers.

Walking into The Herb Center, you’re immediately looking for a free place to stand. A beautiful glass selection is crammed into the tiny waiting room, where one of several employees checks you in. And then you wait. Because the shop is truly minuscule.

But all this is about to change. The shop already orders express, pre packed sales and pre-orders ready to go to avoid the wait. But next month, a new space, behind the current location, will open to the public. Herb Center owner XX walked us around the new space, a massive, high-ceilinged, airy location. He told us that he had hoped for a 4/20 opening, but was hampered by construction delays.

The shop is worth waiting for. Even in its current, somewhat crowded location, The Herb Center offers top notch product at fantastic prices. Even the most costly strains don’t top out over $40.00, and bargain basement offers see the store selling grams for as little as $5.50 for lower grade – but still perfectly respectable – product. The store often stocks as many as 80 strains of flower, all grown in-house, and passes on some of the savings of vertical integration down to the consumer. We ended up picking up an eighth of Purple Narkosis – a strain we can’t find any information for that smells remarkably similar to Purple Hindu Kush – for about 25 bucks. Sure, we can find cheaper eighths in Portland, but they’re definitely not high grade, terpy, and potent indoor product like this.
The Herb Center isn’t quite good enough of a reason for us to drive to Bend – there’s plenty of good marijuana here in Portland – but it’s pretty damn close. Though the current location is cramped and crowded, that’ll soon change. If you ask us, the diversity, quality, and pricing can’t be beat. And in the interest of full disclosure, we should tell you that The Herb Center does pay to list deals on The Daily Leaf. But they didn’t pay for this post. We just love what they’re doing.