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The Infused Nº 5 Preroll has finally hit select shelves and menus throughout the Portland cannabis market and truly showcases how valuable partnerships and collaborations can be within the cannabis industry. Grasse and Bull Run Craft Cannabis present to you a handcrafted connoisseur style joint that isn’t just infused with Grasse’s flawless world class golden rosin but filled to the tea leaf tip with premium Certified Kind Bull Run Craft Silvertip cannabis flower. Grasse’s Infused Line was developed with the help of the Bull Run Craft Cannabis crew by combining their fine flower with solventless rosin that introduces consumers to the world of full spectrum consumption.

Grasse is one of the leading producers of full spectrum strain specific rosin that is both solvent and chemical free. Created and handmade from the highest quality strains from the best Farms in Oregon (Bull Run included), Grasse small batch rosin concentrates are and inspired by the ancient solventless extraction methods utilized in Grasse, France. On the flower side of the industry, Bull Run Craft Cannabis is a local farm in the Mt. Hood area, where award-winning flowers are cultivated on the lavish and abundant terrain that comes together with the Bull Run river. Meld these two compelling forces and the results are as robust as their collaborated cannabis products.

Infused No.5 is the first preroll of its kind and the one and only strain specific, solvent-less rosin infused Silvertip flower blend thats wrapped and rolled in a tea leaf wrap. This potent preroll powerhouse may only come in at 15.1% THC, but is a total of 226.5mg making it one of the strongest 1.5g joints in the game! The Grasse x Bull Run Craft Cannabis rosin infused preroll takes Silvertip to the next level. As a Grandaddy Purple x Super Silver Haze cross, Silvertip is a tried and true sunrise-to-sunset hybrid. Between the sweet plum-like essence and the refreshing tones of citrus and fir needles enhance this smoking experience with flavor alone. Some cannabis smokers may conclude that Silvertip is not only cerebrally activating but casts a murky film of cloud over the eyeballs. While most won’t relay a swamping body high, many should feel a bit floaty in nature, making for a whimsical toking experience.

I personally took this Infused No.5 preroll to a pool party where there were cannabis confections of all sorts, blunts, and other cannabis craft products galore but were in no way a match to the commanding influence of this tasty treat. Not only can you taste the freshness of the premium Silvertip buds ground finely in order to produce an aromatic smoke but the spirit of this infused joint is ever enhanced by the rosin’s heightened and fierce flavor profile. Once I passed off this delicious doobie it made more than a few go-rounds within the smoking circle before I was able to roast the rest of the roach and enjoy the last few puffs of this potent paper plane. I highly recommend soaking up the sun and sparking this spliff as it’ll carry you on a cloud throughout the day.

Currently sold at: Urban Farmacy, Virtue Supply Company, Home Grown Apothecary, and Oregon’s Finest Locations