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Everyday contemporary and cutting edge products and devices are creating solutions to the problems of people worldwide. With everyone constantly on the go, being mobile and hands free can take a lot off your plate and be more effectual and efficient. Now that states are starting to become more pro-marijuana and legalize medicinal marijuana, taking your medication on the go has become necessary. The iHit, an iPhone case created specifically to store your stash, has been an industry hit since the day it launched.

The iHit merges a sleek, convenient design for the iPhone 5/5s and for the newer 6/6s models, comes in 4 color options, and includes a small 1-hitter pipe. The iHit also features a spring loaded upper chamber which stores all of your smoking essentials, from joints to blunts or a 1-hitter pipe. When the chamber is activated, your joint (blunt or 1-hitter pipe) is propelled to the top of the phone case, allowing you to access your smokes in style. Each dual-chambered iHit phone case is made from durable pc material, then sprayed with a silicone grip for a very comfortable feel. The bottom of the case also has an airtight storage compartment, which is equip with virtually odor free storage. iHit is looking to continue to take lead in the industry while they keep reconstructing and reinventing the iPhone case to make it more handy and convenient for those stoners who are looking to be discrete and medicate on the go.

iHit phone cases are currently available for the iPhone 5/5s models and the iPhone 6/6s. iHit is definitely not going stop there, they have future intentions of making cases to fit future models as well. Cases retail for only $29.99 which is a huge money saver compared to any iPhone case, except this one allows you to creatively pack your joints and smoking essentials or accessories.

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