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On recent visits to Budlandia, we have found ourselves drawn back to Hush Extracts. Whether dabbed or vaped in a pen, Hush seems to always provide a fantastic experience. Hush Raspberry Kush shatter is no exception. An indica-dominant hybrid, Hush Raspberry Kush is a popular strain. This BHO-extracted Raspberry Kush carries the torch of its forebearers legacy with aplomb.

Hush Raspberry Kush can be used to treat different kinds of pain but is particularly effective with headaches. Raspberry Kush induces relaxation which may be helpful in mitigating stress. It has also been found to relieve inflammation, muscle spasms, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, and irritability.

Hush Raspberry Kush may make you feel, happy, relaxed, focused, and creative. Also, a sense of euphoria created by this extract may benefit people with depression and anxiety-related disorders including PTSD. It also has sedating effects and may be helpful for people having trouble sleeping. For this reason, this strain is recommended for evening and night time use. It is well-suited for creative endeavors such as music and art.

Raspberry Kush BHO by Hush boasts 68% THC, and 1% CBD.Another impressive extract offering from Hush, and highly recommended for those seeking powerful benefits from an indica-dominant shatter.

HUSH Canna (ANM Inc.) is an extraction company that offers a variety of lab-tested cannabis oil products to Oregon MMJ patients


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