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If you’re in the market for a shatter that is a treat for the five senses, provides a full-body indica effect, and even a little energy boost and some giddiness from its sativa parentage, look no further than Hush and their Country Fair shatter.

Country Fair BHO by Hush is very potent at 71% THC, but due to low CBD(<1%), is not ideal for medical benefits. It comes in 1-gram packages and we picked it up for $20 at Budlandia.

Hush brand Country Fair Butane Hash Oil is extracted from the Indica-leading hybrid cross between DJ Shorts Blueberry and Headband. Country Fair is known to be a popular summer festival strain because of its euphoric, giddy effects.

This oil is very sticky, but not unmanageable. It’s relatively simple to pinch off a chunk for dabs, or one giant dab if you’re especially brave. The oil is a nice amber color, not cloudy, and obviously very high-quality upon inspection. Hush Country Fair can be a harsh dab, but not overly so. We found it to be a great choice for both dabbing and for use in your vape pen for more conservative toking throughout the day.

HUSH Canna (ANM Inc.) is an extraction company that offers a variety of lab-tested cannabis oil products to Oregon MMJ patients


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