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As a formerly avid dabber who once considered themselves a bit of a connoisseur of sorts when concentrates were concerned, it’s been almost half a year since I’ve taken a quality dab to the dome. So, last weekend when I joined a few friends on a camping trip and they broke out the dab rig with a juicy looking golden tinted gram of Huckleberry Pie Live Resin from Viola Extracts it was time to terp it up.

The second the lid was removed a flurry of that all too familiar delightfully luscious aroma of fresh summer fruit smacked me right in the face. The scent of the Huckleberry Pie Live Resin from Viola took me right back to Farmer’s Market where I tried some of the most flavorsome farm fresh jams I’ve ever encountered. The sugary berry notes overpower the subtle tartness of the natural Northwest Huckleberry punch, but being coupled with a creamy vanilla fragrance and zest to match brings about remnants of orchids and juniper. A splash of Hubert’s blackberry lemonade was equivalent to the essence of my first dab of this delicious huckleberry flavored delicacy.

Huckleberry Pie is a definite indica leaner, especially if you’re dabbing during the nighttime hours. Almost immediately the late night munchies set in and a burgeoning glow of euphoria started to spin me into a loop of relaxation with an upbeat and giggly outlook. While the huckleberry seasoned vapor disappears into the bonfire embers, the aftereffects of the Huckleberry Pie blaze through the night and continue to shine through. Expect a series of sensations to come into play from tingly and spunky to leisurely lounged out and madly moony. Sitting by a roaring fire while roasting some marshmallows and diving into a delectable dab session with a strain such as Viola’s Huckleberry Pie is the ultimate pastime.

Photos Courtesy of Viola Extracts and @kaelyrious

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