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Want to get rid of cottonmouth? So the hell do we! There is no excuse from now on to feel like you woke up in a cat box.

One of the most unpleasant things about smoking is when you’re having a session with your buddies and all of a sudden, you realize that your mouth is drier than the Sahara. Been there? Pretty annoying right? Not only that but your breath probably smells like stale weed smoke. It happens to everyone but cottonmouth is infamous for creeping up on the best of us and ruining a good time! There are a few simple, creative, and super cool ways to fix cottonmouth, from ice cream to chewing gum!

Some of you hardcore stoners may have heard of this cure for cotton mouth that’s especially in the summertime. Iced tea or lemonade. It’s probably a better idea to start with iced tea since it isn’t as tart as lemonade tends to be. It’s refreshing, especially in the heat and takes care of cottonmouth almost instantly, especially unsweetened tea because it doesn’t contain any sugar. In the winter, try heating up some apple cider. If you’re hanging out by the fireplace for the night, add some Sailor Jerry to the mug! The spiced rum with the apple is a definite way to get rid of your cottonmouth and warm you up on a cold winter night! Remember please drink responsibly!

This may be a bit of a surprise but apparently Mountain Dew is an excellent cotton mouth cure and can the trick as well. The only downside is that Mountain Dew might possibly enhance the bad breath thing. Of course Mountain Dew tastes great, it’s probably not the most efficient cure for cotton mouth. If you really want to drink a soda, go for an Izze! It’s still got all carbonation you’re looking for but it’s ten times healthier than Mountain Dew and doesn’t have as much sugar, which means a better cure for dry mouth!

Remember that zebra gum with the stick on tattoos on the wrapper? Well they still a big seller and it works great when it comes to that darn cotton mouth! Of course, you’re limited to chewing it for about five minutes because the flavor doesn’t last that long but in the five minutes that you chew it, your cotton mouth will disappear!

Remember when we mentioned ice cream? Believe it or not, t’s true! Eating some ice cream will completely eliminate your craving for munchies and wipe out that nasty sandy feeling in your mouth. There’s definitely no way you can tell me that eating a whole thing of Rocky Road when you’re baked doesn’t sound like the best idea on a day off from work.

So are there any things on the DO NOT DRINK list? Stay away from coffee and milk. Those two in particular seem to do the opposite when it comes to fixing a dry mouth. You don’t want to be drinking anything that is going to make your problem a million times worse.

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