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Your trusty Daily Leaf correspondent usually isn’t partial to buds with an overpowering fuel odor. This time, however, an exceptionally enthusiastic budtender at the criminally underrated but out-of-the way dispensary, Progressive Collective, convinced us that Green Lightning’s Holy Grail strain was some of the best product to hit their shelves. We weren’t disappointed.

The beds are small, but incredibly dense and loaded with one of the thickest dustings of crystalline trichomes that we’ve ever scene, with a sparse smattering of orange hairs. The aroma is classic fuel: powerful and unmistakable. Upon combustion, the fuel mellows into persistent, pleasant, and distinctly spicy lingering afternote, with a taste more appealing than its smell. We experienced a clean, even burn, and a smooth, mild throat feel.

Fast acting, this herb gives almost immediate but mild head effects with a slightly slower onset of deep, calming body effects. And it’s more relaxing than your average strain; we’ve been struggling with a powerful generalized anxiety ever since the election results rolled in. This is a fine choice for any readers looking to – at least for a few moments – dump the Trump slump. Indeed, this may be the holy grail for those who struggle with anxiety with typical sativa strains. But it probably isn’t a good choice before a strenuous hike.

That said, it doesn’t put the smoker into full couch lock territory; you could clean a house to this. Or, given the general lucidity that accompanies it, you could probably file your taxes. Just don’t hold us responsible if you’re audited.

We go through a lot of strains at the Daily Leaf, but we’re definitely going to come back to this one. Holy Grail is of the better strains to cross our radar in recent memory; perfect for cannabis connoisseurs looking for serious stress relief without excessive physical sedation.