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Have a homeboy whose house always smells like stale weed or a cousin who craves CBD constantly or maybe someone who prefers to dab daintily? Got a fancy friend who will only smoke the most premium blunts and rolls or a newbie in the group that could use a lesson in marijauna manners? We promised we wouldn’t keep the Holiday Gift Guide on the DL so instead we will just keep it on The Daily Leaf. Check out the top 10 cannabis accessories for the holidaze!

Spray 420 Odor Eliminator

Spray 420 is a serious lifesaver! You can turn your hotbox horrors into a refreshing frenzy of fragrances in moments. Spray 420 utilizes its dry aerosol base to do the stinky job of eliminating the smokiness that tends to linger without leaving any condensation behind. This safe to use spray can be applied in smoking areas, bathrooms, A/C intake vents, cars, and works on all fabrics (yes, even silk)! Now available in two additional scents, the flagship fresh and clean linen scent is beyond the best of smells without overdoing it.  The rising affect of the spray allows the newer scents like New Car Blue and Sweet Vanilla Pink to drift into the air and rise with the smoke while ridding of the smokey stench during all the seasonal smoke sessions. 3 Pack Sampler $14.99

Nebula 3000mg CBD Tincture

For all you that have CBD curiosities, look no further than Nebula CBD! Nebula’s 3000mg CBD Tincture is meant for those looking to get a massive amount of milligrams per serving without having to chug the whole tincture in one sitting. While Nebula’s CBD tincture formula isn’t water soluble or to be blended with beverages, the overall effects makes micro-dosing more managable. Just one drop of this 3000mg CBD Tincture from Nebula CBD is a total of 5mg, the recommended milligram dose for both THC and CBD products that can be ingested. Users can take this tincture to settle the stress of the holidays and provide an experience great for the entire family. $35

Myster Stash Tray

For an all-in-one kit that has just about everything you could think of to enjoy your cannabis customs, we bring to you the Myster Stash Tray. Enhance your high time habits by having all the accessories you need right in one place. Keep your smoking space virtually spotless as all tray attachments are magnetic and can be used in just about any environment. No effort needed when all parts necessary to partake are placed specifically to prevent spillage and pesky papers flying about. Taking an industrial spin on luxury and amplifying your ability to roll, the Stash Tray is the innovative ashtray that’ll last a lifetime. $149.99

Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Mold

What’s cooler than crafting a custom cannabis cigar to elevate the season and all the holiday parties where partaking is guaranteed to give most of the cheery vibes of Christmastime and encourage a happy holiday. Purple Rose Supply wants everyone who’s puffing on your cannagar creation to keep the party going all night long! These kickass reusable cannagar molds help you craft a cannagar that can be passed around ten times longer than your typical toke stick! You can Mix and match some of your favorite strains, maybe add a little bit of that special sauce and sprinkle some sugar wax on top to kick it up a notch. The G2 Cannagar mold goes down in hash infused history as you can add 10-14 grams of flower and easily blend hash, kief, rosin, and other concentrates into the a tightly packed, slow burning blunt session. G2 CannaMold $49.99

Higher Etiquette Book

This is a great gift for newer cannasseurs that may lack general logic or are acquiring new knowledge in the manners department when marijuana is involved. In Higher Etiquette, Lizzie Post delves into the ins and outs of the codes of cannabis while honoring the universal world of legal weed. Joining the culture surrounding cannabis including long-established norms with the EmilyPost Institute’s handpicked and time tested doctrine, of courtesy, consideration, appreciation and transparency this book covers the social issues surrounding cannabis as it stands currently.$20

Stashlogix Stash Bags

Some of us want our stash so secure that no one would even give a second thought about us being a stoner. Some of us are just on the more subtle side and don’t necessarily want to show off the goods. Nothing wrong with wanting to keep the stash safe and being a conservative cannasseur. Stashlogix has a line of luxury stash bags that aren’t just smell proof but are set to saddle on up with all sorts of adventurers with their appealing aesthetic. The Durango is the best bud that always saves the day when a lighter gets lost or if marijuana is misplaced. Great for any type of getaway, the Durango is destined to deal with the most extreme conditions and activities. Get your thrills as you snowboard with your stash, climb mountains with your cannabis, or toke it up while trail riding. Who knew fanny packs could be so cool? For stoners that have a bit of a bigger stash, in comes the Silverton case. This hard-shell stash case sets the example and is the reason behind the “Thoughtful. Secure. Discreet.” mantra of Stashlogix. Courteous characteristics like the adjustable dividers and a poker pocket disentangle any disorganization. The patented lockable zippered bags ensure that your stash isn’t just safe, but ultra secure…oh and stylish too. Other fresh features include rubber gaskets, a foil lining, and odor absorbent packs that help you cultivate a conservative look. Durango $49 / Silverton $69

Moose Labs MouthPeace

Not sure why we hadn’t heard of this germ free smoking solution before now, but you can say “Peace Out” to bacteria, resin, or bong water! The new MouthPeace by Moose Labs is meant for sanitary smoke sessions when you don’t want to catch the symptoms of your sick friends or experience a cleaner smoke. Utilizing Activated Carbon Filters, the MouthPeace provides a virtually unmatched pulls of refined smoke. The Moose Labs silicone mouthpiece doesn’t just have a super sleek design but keeps is shape while being able to fit in all sizes pipes, bongs, bowls, and vapes. Providing certified germ grabbing protection when sharing bongs and vapes, the Moose Labs MouthPeace is one of the only products in the cannabis accessory market that’s doctor recommended. MouthPeace + Filter Roll $15.99

Cannador® Humidor

The 4-Strain Cannador® (with nook) is an incomparable cannabis accessory product for mindful cannasseurs who prefer to store modest amounts of varied cannabis strains that are then separated to keep the freshness to a maximum. Each of the glass cups are enclosed with adjustable ventilated lids or airtight lids depending on what you normally choose to use for stash storage. This specific Cannador® can hold up to one ounce (or 2 ounces ground) and this lavishly created lets no smell escape. Each glass cup fits 1/4 oz (or up to 1/2 oz ground). Each humidor comes with a lock and key, so you can keep your cannabis safe. 4-strain Cannador with Nook $209

MJ Arsenal Mini Dab Rigs

Who doesn’t love fun sized items? Well these “mini me” dab rigs from MJArsenal are all the rage because white the rig itself might be small in size that has no effect on the globs you and your friends are used to taking. One major plus is that with less air there will be a ton more flavor which is perfect for high terpene content. Even the miniature blunt bubblers hit hard! Dab discreetly and boost the basic dab session with an MJArsenal Mini Dab Rig. Maximize when you medicate using these pint-sized and extremely effective dab rigs! $30-$69

Spurs Broken Fine Art Gallery Prints

Ah the magic of macro shots. Give more of a personal piece to your loved one by selecting an elegant photograph courtesy of Spurs Broken. Cannasseurs of all sorts will appreciate the distinguished and fine eye of the man behind the lens and all the strains captured with the camera. Take a deep look into the world of macro-photography as find a flower that suites the person of choice for this wonderful present. Fine Art Prints and Posters $49.99-$160