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Not sure what to buy your blunt brother or how to satisfy your sativa sister for this holiday season? At a complete loss when it comes to shopping for your stoner spouse or significant other? We all have a companion who can’t keep a cartridge full for more than a day; does your mom miss making her classic cannabis infused cookies? We promised we wouldn’t keep the Holiday Gift Guide on the DL so instead we will just keep it on The Daily Leaf. Check out the top 10 cannabis devices for the holidaze!

Puffco Peak

Take potency with a punch and the perfect past time is just a puff away when using the Puffco Peak! This highly sought after dabbing device deserves to go down as one of the leading vaporizing victors. These are all the rage amongst dabbers because you can actually taste the terps! The Peak contributes to one of the cleanest hits while promoting the flavor of the flower concentrate and overall effects of the cannabis strains they’re derived from. This is a great holiday gift that can be shared with the rest of the cannabis crew and still be considered a classy cannasseur styled collectible. $379.99

Kung Fu Vape Pocket Rig

Kung Fu Vapes says the only way “you must concentrate” is with The Pocket Rig 4.0. Notoriously known for being top of its class, this compact miniature mod is meant for cartridges available in the PNW cannabis concentrates market. Fusing the haptic feedback feature with functionalities such as 2 weeks worth of battery power, over 3 temperature settings eliminating combustion, and a 20 second fire time called Rage Mode; the Pocket Rig 4.0 provides even the heaviest of dabbers a superior vaping session during the holiday season. With one of a kind specs, the Pocket Rig 4.0 is the most discreet yet loudest vaporizer experience you’ll have the pleasure of hitting. $99

Wakit Electric Grinder

Any of your wacky friends like weed hacks? Well, Wakit made their grinders for everyone! Wakit grinders are seamless when it comes to finely ground buds that may be too dense to breakdown yourself. All you have to do is place a nickel-sized amount of cannabis on a tray and cover the bud with the Wakit Grinder. Give the top of the grinder a short and sweet tap or two and the ball and chain mechanism will do just what it needs to in order to provide a good grind. If you like your buds ground finer, look into the see-through chamber and just wack it! $49.99

EVRI Dip Device

Everyone wants things to be seamless, convenient, and instant. Well, the EVRI by Dip Devices has just about everything a dabber on-the-go could need. This operational multi-functional consumption solution makes its competitive counterparts shudder at the fact that the EVRI “shatters” every con when it comes to dabbing concentrates. EVRI features a battery that attaches magnetically to forever evolving innovative attachments. These include the Vapor Tip Attachment, which allows consumption of waxes and other concentrates directly from its container, 510/Pod Attachment, which has one side that connects to 510 cartridges and one that connects to refillable e-juice pods, and many more on the way. EVRI Starter Pack $69.99

MagicalButter Machine

The MagicalButter device is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor and that’s exactly why it’s on the guide for this holiday season where munchies are a must! Do you know a sidekick that has a sweet tooth or loves to craft and create cannabis infused candies and other edibles? Specially designed for all your catering cravings and savoring simmering sensations, the MagicalButter Machine takes the ultimate essence of the cannabis plant and turns it into butter, oils, alcohol, lotions, and more with absolutely no sweat or tears and the’ll be just as terrific! $124.95

Sol Pod Vape Battery

Your holiday won’t just be a happy one but we are sure you’ll be just as high! This is why the SOL might just be your saving grace when having to deal with all the drama that happens around this time of year. No more hiding away when you want to take a quick hit in between all the greetings, eating, and Hallmark movies. SOL fits right in the palm of your hand and features an industry leading 350mAH battery to keep you in chill mode the entire time. Don’t worry about being “SOL” when running out of battery juice, the SOL includes a standard Micro USB port so you can vape as you charge! Sol Pod Express Kit $30

NugTools Multi-Tool

The multi-tool that stands out from the rest as the Leatherman of cannabis. The Nuggy from NugTools comes complete with a total of ten tools! It literally fits in the palm of your hand, but I guess you could throw it in your pocket…but hey it only weighs 4.5 ounces so it’ll fit just about anywhere. The Nuggy isn’t just a handy handheld cannabis tool that’s convenient for almost all moments. ​Each tool on the Nuggy will lock into place when it’s fully engaged or closed, so safety is first with this one. A while back the Nuggy got a facelift…the Nuggy Lift and Nuggy Hybrid are two new upgraded tools that are lighter, easier to open, and have heat resistant Aluminum Oxide shells. More recently NugTools launched a new and improved Nuggy and the mini me, the Nuggy Lite, a slightly smaller version of the beloved multi-tool. $24.99-44.99

Boundless Terp Pen

The Boundless Terp Pen almost looks like a Mission Impossible accessory or one of the many items held by Brad Pitt Ocean 11. A terp pen that gives off the illusion of any everyday item and does a damn good imitation of an ink pen. Minus all the button action and doodads and the Terp Pen will exceed your vaping expectations in moments. Inhale activated, the Terp Pen heats up within milliseconds. The ceramic coils maintain flavor and a pure terpene profile during vaporization, making them a no-brainer decision for dabbing in most all situations and surroundings. Brace yourself for the regular dab rig results you’re used to but without the mess. $29.99

Tectonic9 Grinder

Take it from someone who loves their bud a bit ground up, the traditional grinders while consistent just don’t cut it anymore as far as innovation or creativity. Looking for less mess when cutting up your cannabis while still getting the maximum amount without losing all the treasured trichomes? The Tectonic9 joins the steadfast style and endurance of a typical grinder with an electronic even dispensing mechanism to give you the best from traditions and a modernized design and convenience. $59.99

Limited Edition Linx Game Ember

Anything limited edition is a must have! Forget about the price here, the thought still counts and the Linx Game Ember will be sure to keep your spark lit as one of the best vaporizers for under $40! The Ember is still super high quality, designed with medical grade red tinted stainless steel for quality you can fully experience from its face to its feel. Equip with 3 temp settings, you’re in full control of just how big of a puff your lungs can handle. The Ember even allows users to share with a homie with a “Sesh Mode” where two clicks gives off a 12 second continuous stream of heat that’s great for group vape sessions or for anyone who wants. The Top Air Flow design feature creates a no spill process and the recessed atomizer with a vapor window allows users to see the magic right before their eyes. $40