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Ever wonder or been curious about who some of the most prominent stoners were in history? Here’s a list to check out, from kings and queens to pharaohs, here’s a list of some historical stoners that might be somewhat unexpected.

William Shakespeare

Acclaimed to be the best playwrights and writers in the world, Shakespeare’s creative side may have been heavily sparked by something a little more organic and natural than you thought. Researchers found remnants of cannabis in clay pipes found in his home garden.

Queen Victoria

As ruler of the British Empire from 1837-1901, Queen Victoria was England’s longest standing ruling monarch. Victoria’s doctors and  physicians would prescribe and supply her with marijuana for menstrual pains. She was the first internationally known medical marijuana patient.

George Washington

George, like Queen Victoria, used marijuana to ease and mitigate pain. However, he didn’t have to worry or have a problem with menstrual cramping. Instead he used medical marijuana to take away the pain he experienced from toothaches. Washington also kept a journal where he wrote about growing and cultivating hemp and marijuana.

Joan of Arc

This French medieval heroine was charged for witchcraft and using witch herbs to see visions and hear voices as well. To all of our surprise, these herbs were actually marijuana. It was never actually proven that Joan did infact smoke weed, but then again, it was never proven that she hadn’t smoked it either. You make the choice and can make your own judgement.

Pharaoh Ramesses II

More than a few Egyptian Pharaohs used marijuana for various medicinal reasons like soreness in the eyes and hemorrhoids. Marijuana was revealed to have been stored in the tomb of Ramesses II. If these guys considered marijuana to be of good medical purpose, what’s really going on with the U.S. government?? I mean come on, they were responsible for building the pyramids.

Elizabeth of England

Queen Elizabeth I of England may not have decided to partake in the use of marijuana but she definitely made sure England had cannabis galore! As a matter a fact, in 1563 she organized and ordered every single landowner with over 60 acres of land to grow marijuana in their gardens. Kind of a bummer she isn’t still alive today.

Christopher Columbus

Columbus became the first European to find American land in 1492. Among his selection of plants and herbs, Columbus brought marijuana seeds. If they were ever to be in a shipwreck, the sailors would be able to use the seeds to grow for food and supplies. Fortunately for  Columbus, he successfully made it to America without experiencing a shipwreck, so the marijuana seeds could have actually been used in a recreational manner for  “recreational” purposes.

John F. Kennedy

Last but certainly not least, good ol’ JFK. Some close friends of John F. Kennedy have said that he used marijuana often to help take care of his back pain. He even smoked during his term as President and was planning on legalizing marijuana in his second term.