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Regular patrons of Oregon retail marijuana stores will have noticed a new ritual at checkout time. Your friendly bud-tista now asks you if you’ve brought an “exit bag” along with you, the child proof bag now required under OLCC regulations to take your purchases out of the store. If you’re anything like your trusty Daily Leaf correspondent, the only time you think about these bags is when you show up at the dispensary without one in hand, promising yourself that you’ll remember to bring it next time and shelling out the extra dollar at the register. So when the Daily Leaf head-honchos told us that we’d be writing about a HISIERRA exit bag, we thought they were a bit nuts. All of the bags looks the same. We imagined that meant that they were the same.

We were wrong.

Not all exit bags are made equal. And while we’re not equipped to tell you what the best bag is, we can tell you that HISIERRA does better than most of the rest. The HISIERRA packaging is produced from materials based on non-GMO sugarcane in a plant certified for food grade packaging production and 100% wind power manufacturing right here in the USA.  HISIERRA is OLCC approved, ASTM D3475 certified child resistant packaging and ASTM 6866 certified Renewable, Sustainable packaging. 

According to the manufacturer, the bags are produced using renewable energy sources.
We can’t find data on the number of marijuana transactions in Oregon every day, but a little back of the envelope math suggests that it’s in the tens of thousands.

With numbers like those – and smokers like us who forget to reuse their bags – sustainability matters. Whether it’s HISIERRA or another plant based exit bag, please ask your local dispensary to offer an exit bag choice that’s green in more ways than one. American produced, clean energy based products like those offered by HISIERRA ensure that every trip to the dispensary is just a little bit cleaner.

Being that we are The Daily Leaf, and we are all about discounts, we have reached out to HISIERRA to give the dispensaries we work with the opportunity for a discount on their next purchase of HISIERRA exit-bags. Using the discount code 4QHCHRFI you will receive either 5% off your total order when you buy 2 cases (about $30 saving) and 10% off the total order when they buy 5 total cases (about $150 savings!!) The 2 sizes can be combined for the deal.

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