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Locally-owned and operated High Hopes Organic, out of Southern Oregon, takes pride in a smaller, craft-like approach to cannabis farming. This extra attention and focus on their crop shine through in the few strains we were lucky enough to try out.

Jack’s Dragon is a sativa-dominant strain with an impressive 20% THC and almost 5% terpenes. Jack’s Dragon is a terrific shade of green with stringy red hairs. It hits smoothly and provides a heady high with some nice psychoactive euphoria.

Also at around 20% THC, Garden of Edam is another satisfying sativa-dominant flower. Garden of Edam has 2% terps, and provides a bit of energy along with the somewhat sweet earthy flavor. Garden of Edam is definitely a

Finally, we have Big Rig, which seems to be indica-dominant, although it has beneficial effects from both ends of the spectrum. Boasting 21.75% THC and 3.44% terpenes, Big Rig is a truly well-balanced strain of cannabis. We found it to be a perfect daytime high.

High Hopes Organic cannabis is proudly grown on a family farm in Eagle Point, Oregon using biodynamic farming practices using good old sun and soil. High Hopes donates 1% of all profits to local nonprofit organizations. For all these reasons, we highly hope you’ll check out this terrific brand.


High Hopes Organic is a local family farm dedicated to providing the highest quality natural grown cannabis to our customers.

We employ biodynamic farming practices supplemented with actively aerated compost tea. Our craft-like approach and focus on small batch production results in a unique and superior harvest.

We use predator bugs over pesticides to protect our natural product.

Our process utilizes outdoor growing in soil and natural sunlight.

We are located in the mountains of sunny southern Oregon.

High Hopes Organic is committed to our community and pledges to contribute 1% of annual net profits to local nonprofit organizations. 

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