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The myth of the lazy, out-of-shape stoner is dying, and HIFI Supplements is here to help boost the recovery time of a growing segment of baked gym junkies, with their CBD Recovery powder.

HIFI Supplements CBD Recovery Powder is made with your workout in mind, and designed to provide CBD-powered recovery of your muscles. It also gives a much-needed boost for those whose day isn’t done after an intense gym session. Made with BCAAs(broken-chain amino acids), HIFI Supplement’s CBD Powder functions amazingly as it bypasses the liver, getting to work on your sore body.

After mixing 1 scoop of  HIFI Supplements CBD Recovery in water or a smoothie, and consuming, a few interesting things in the user’s body takes place: the BCAAs bypass your liver and go right to work helping muscle cells start the recovery process, along with giving the user an energy boost. The CBD acts to assist inflammation in your body pre-, during, or post-work out or strenuous activity. The anti-inflammation benefits of the CBD are sustainable for up to 6-8 hours because of how the body absorbs the CBD. The organic fruit sugar is converted into fructose in the body and is used for energy. The body is able to use 100% of all ingredients in this product. And the ingredients in HIFI CBD Recovery Powder are all plant-based, so you know you’re only getting natural ingredients when you’re working on improving your physical well-being.


HIFI Supplements is a premium wellness brand. We offer an elite product with a few more coming. Clean, plant-based, and effective ingredients, are what set us apart from the other brands. We chose to go a different route with our product and it’s becoming widely accepted! No artificial flavors or sweeteners, just wholesome goodness for the mind, body, and soul. We are happy our product has helped so many people achieve the level of wellness they desire


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