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Today we are going to take a deeper look into one of our favorite vaporizers, The Herbalizer.  This powerful piece of machinery is a desktop vaporizer that heats up in less than 10 seconds to your desired temperate.  This precise and practical vaporizer has quickly become a personal favorite due to its ease of use and ingenuity.

The Daily Leaf was first introduced to The Herbalizer while working a local PDX cannabis event put on by Eco Firma Farms.  Alongside Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge (OCC), we sampled over 30 of Eco Firma’s strains through The Herbalizer to the 200+ person event.  It took all of 5 minutes to figure out how the small egg-shaped vaporizer worked, and it took all of one bowl to get our first party goer lit!


Now sure, a persons high is based on the quality of cannabis at hand, and we were sampling some fine nuggets that evening, but it also has something to do with the device in which you are using to get the herbs into your lungs.

The Herbalizer is a master at giving its consumer options on ways to utilize its’ machinery.  For the party that night, it was perfect to have both the balloon and whip option.  We would fill balloons to pass around the crowd, and then attach the whip so that a few at a time could sit and enjoy (ie. lounging at a hookah bar)

That event flew by and my first thought after it was over was….WOW, that vaporizer lasted all night! The base didn’t overheat or break. The whip and balloon were used by many, pulled and tugged, and still were very much so intact looking brand new out of the box.    We had these bad boys cranking for close to 6 hours at our cannabis event, and sure we turned them off for a few minutes here or there, but The Herbalizer put on a show and didn’t even cause a hiccup. It was built to be durable.

After a couple more weeks of use, The Herbalizer has brought a new light to enjoying one of our favorite past times. Using a 300 watt halogen light bulb as its heat source directly under the bowl, The Herbalizer has one of the most precise temperature control systems that we’ve experienced.

Its temperature precision allows a person to vape between three different intensity levels; Uplifting(290-330F), Balanced(330-390F) & Intense(330-445F). Keeping the temperature down in the 350’s allows a mellow terpene rich high.  A full strain profile flavor could be experienced when in the Balanced zone. If you are looking for a more potent, THC strong experience, then all you need to do is crank the temperature up, wait a few seconds, and enjoy.

Our favorite feature of The Herbalizer is the fan assisted delivery option.  This feature has 2 functions and its button is located in the center of The Herbalizer. The first function allows for you to fill up the balloon (similar in style to the Volcano, but much quieter) The 2nd function (and much cooler) allows for assisted smoking via the whip. Using the whip with assisted delivery is life changing.

For individuals who have weak lungs, this feature is a great addition.  Using the fan assist you will not have to suck in, the fan system will blow the vapor from The Herbalizer into your lungs.

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The design aesthetic and presentation of functionality can be credited to Herbalizers CTO Bob Pratt, who gained his experience working as NASA engineer. According to Mr. Pratt, The Herbalizer is “creating ways to change lives in ways previously thought impossible.” This is the same notion that the late genius Steve Jobs pursued in trying to make the iPod and iPhone products indispensable to us today.

From The Herbalizers seamless function to its’ inconspicuous design, this vaporizer is a BEAST. Make no mistake, this is by far the best vaporizer that we have tried.  It does come with a price tag to fit.  At $599 it is not an easy purchase, but if you invest the money, you will not be disappointed.

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