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As a considerably active person who has played sports all their life, recently started partaking in paint balling on the weekends, is game to throw down on the occasional go karting competition, and has a knack for anything related to sports and athletics; I’m always on the hunt for new and advanced topical products to mitigate the aches, pains, and abundance of bruises. There’s an overflow of different CBD pain relief cream options in the Oregon medical and recreational market and sometimes it can be challenging to decipher what will have the most benefits and be most effective for you. This is where Nightingale Remedies comes in.

Offering a diverse selection of CBD products including a Hemp CBD Pain Relief Cream that provides and promotes rapid healing as well as notable therapeutic benefits, Nightingale Remedies has designed an exceptional topical alternative for higher quality health and wellness and overall enhanced performance.

Developed by a 30-year compound pharmacist to reinforce the Nightingale Remedies objective of improving the lives of others, especially consumers in search of topicals that can be used longterm and further assist with experienced afflictions and conditions.

The hemp CBD pain relief cream topical formula by Nightingale Remedies was developed a Transdermal Technology that allows the pain relief topical to swiftly absorb and penetrate the skin layers while distributing natural anti-inflammatory ingredients directly to the problem area. While other mainstream topical based products simply add CBD to mimic a beneficial product that is not guaranteed to ease any pain or assist with discomfort, the Nightingale Remedies pain relief formula is crafted with American grown and certified organic Industrial Hemp that helps relieve chronic pain, reinforce joint mobility, and decrease inflammation.

In addition to the vast powers of CBD, the other primary active ingredients all serve and demonstrate the many ways this cream can help with pain and/or inflammation. Other utilized ingredients include Turmeric Curcumin, Boswellia Serrata, MSM and D-HCL Glucosamine. These added components as well as high quality essential oils initiate what is called the “entourage effect”, allowing all elements to work together synergistically and create the ultimate care package for users.

Whether it’s a mellowing out a migraine, breaking bouts of back pain, nixing some neck soreness, mollifying muscle spasms and tension, or knocking out knee aches, Nightingale Remedies’ Hemp CBD Pain Relief Cream assures quick alleviation, is safer and more effective than traditional topicals, and is faster acting and long lasting. As a THC-free CBD rich pain cream, consumers can feel free to use this topical for before activities as a preventative and after being active as it works as a true remedy for all types of topical users. Just apply 3-4 pumps and massage gently until completely absorbed.

Looking to stifle those painful sensations and crush any chronic pain? Stock up on Nightingale Remedies CBD Cream with their Buy 2, Get One Free and Buy 3, Get Two Free so you can secure your satisfaction and share a little bit of the health and wellness wealth with family and friends.