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Heavenly Buds is a family owned & operated Tier 2 Producer and Processor based in Washington State. Crafting top-shelf pesticide free cannabis products, Heavenly Buds is well known in the cannabis industry for their premium flower, as well as high end concentrates and edibles. Producing an eclectic line of exclusive strains like Jack White, Hulkberry, Lemon Banner, and Bubble Bomb; Heavenly Buds is always consistent when it comes to the best quality marijuana and marijuana products.

Heavenly Buds

As a pesticide free cannabis company, Heavenly Buds focuses on delivering the cleanest, most potent, and top of the line recreational cannabis products. From their rosin and crumble, to their first-class kief and chocolates, all of Heavenly Buds top-shelf products will be thoroughly enjoyed by all types of cannabis consumers. We at The Daily Leaf are all about flavor, funk, and potency. After partaking in a 5 pack of .5g Super Lemon Haze prerolls, it’s clear that Heavenly Buds always keeps the customer in mind when it comes to a high-quality cannabis experience.

All Heavenly Buds prerolls are hand-rolled with their choice flower and are full flavored from spark to finish. Heavenly Buds Super Lemon Haze prerolls are perfect for wake-and-bakers, sativa lovers, and consumers in search of a midday energy boost. Super Lemon Haze is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. This sativa-dominant hybrid from Heavenly Buds emits an intense lemon aroma and has a citrusy funk similar to lemon enhancing polish or freshly squeezed lemonade.

Their high-energy decadent Super Lemon Haze is definitely a strain a consumer will find themselves craving just for the lemon terpenes. Expect just one of these Super Lemon Haze prerolls from Heavenly Buds to offer an exceptionally clean and flavorful smoke, accompanied by a compelling rush of a head high. The euphoric buzz and easygoing state consumers will receive from these Super Lemon Haze prerolls will last for hours, making it’s a great strain for daytime use.

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