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Another primo strain from Heroes of the Farm that earned a top spot on our favorite strains list from Deanz Greenz is the long loved Headband. This is the famed descendent of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, making it somewhat of a household strain to most established smokers. The classic cross presents users with a sweet floral flavor and hypnotizing effects that’s unexpected for most smokers. The traditional soft smells of Headband might give the impression that it has a gentle touch but in fact it has an undeniably bold influence. The smoke from the Headband is velvety and tastes sweet like honey and peppercorn with a hint of clover flowers and a biting gassy finish. Delegated as a daytime strain, the Sour Diesel side of Headband beams with a bright-eyed outlook and a fervent essence. 

Headband from Heros of the Farm

Headband got its name from the noteworthy “halo” effect and aura that radiates around the forehead and all the way around to the back of the skull like that of a headband. This recognizable tingling feeling that surrounds the entire brain frame tickles the senses and interjects a cyclone of drifting sensations. A brilliant balance between sativa and indica, Headband exhibits varying levels of relaxation and invigoration. 

For those of you that enjoy a cerebrally happy and energetic high that’s like a bullseye to the brain and equally settles the nerves, we’ve found your match. Heads up to all smokers, the OG Kush portion in Headband’s parentage turns up around the peak of the high. Any heavy handed consumers will quickly get accustomed to the sleepyheaded daze that eases most into a late evening couchlock. This strain pairs really well with a number of daytime tasks, can be a brisk boost in the middle of the day, or for social outings and group hangs with your closest friends.

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