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Harle-Tsu by OM Extracts is a vape pen containing high CBD(52%) and just a hint of THC(9%). OM Extracts is a Southern Oregon champion of finest-quality cannabis extracts.

OM Extracts Mission: Nourish people, enhance our environment, and grow more life by refining Mindful Medicine

Rooted in Southern Oregon, OM works exclusively with OM Farms and regional farmers in our Rogue Valley Appellation. Throughout the valleys and slopes of the Siskiyou Mountains, our farmers work with the living waters of the Rogue River’s tributaries: The Illinois, The Applegate and Bear Creek. In this fertile region of salmon and oaks, our Rogue Valley mountainsides and floodplains feature farmland between 1000 and 3000 feet elevation. Our climate is hot and dry in the summer, cold and wet in the winter with 150 sunny days annually. This Mediterranean climate and unique landscape make our bioregion a prime location to grow organic and seed crops, pears, wine grapes, and Cannabis.

OM Extracts is an award-winning laboratory, known for developing the highest quality cannabis extract products. Utilizing CO2 supercritical extraction as well as Butane and Propane extraction processes, OM Extracts unveils the medicinal values of Cannabis. Working with top-quality material from OM Farms and neighboring farms, OM Extracts offers a wide range of high-THC, high-CBD, and terpene-rich concentrates. OM Extracts recently won “Best Processor” in the 2016 DOPE Industry Awards. We entered two Cannabis competitions in 2015, winning awards in both of them. At the 2015 DOPE Cup, the pre-eminent cannabis competition in Oregon, OM Extracts won 1st Place in the High-CBD CO2 category, and a 2nd Place in the High-THC CO2 category.  In the 2015 Bend Concentrate Cup, OM claimed a 2nd Place finish for our Sour Diesel in the Propane Hash Oil (PHO) category.


2016 Oregon Dope Cup – Best Wax 1st Place and 2nd Place
2016 Oregon Dope Industry Awards – Best Processor 1st Place
2015 Oregon Concentrate Challenge – Best PHO 2nd Place
2015 Oregon Dope Cup – Best THC CO2 1st Place , Best CBD CO2 2nd Place
Picture Courtesy Of Glisan Buds
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