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Hand Crafted Cannabis Blunts by Lucky Lion

Finding a premium pre-rolled blunt selection at your favorite local dispensary falls in the highly unlikely category, mainly because of the restrictions surrounding tobacco products. While prerolls seem to be the calling card for stoners on the go during the spring and summer seasons, who doesn’t enjoy a fully loaded blunt or cannabis cigar every now and again? You like blunts, we like blunts, and so does the Lucky Lion family. In fact, Lucky Lion has an exclusive line of hand crafted cannabis blunts filled with their primo cannabis flower available at their new storefront. Packed to the brim with finely ground hand selected buds, each Lucky Lion hand crafted cannabis blunt holds a little over a gram of flower that can either be enjoyed for a solo session or shared with a few special friends.

Lucky Lion Hand Crafted Cannabis Blunts
Golden Pineapple Hand Crafted Blunt by Lucky Lion

The Daily Leaf team had the pleasure of stopping by during Lucky Lion’s opening week and picking up a few of their cannabis blunts. We scored big time because the featured strain for the most recent batch of hand crafted cannabis blunts was Lucky Lion’s very own cut of Golden Pineapple. A cross of a C99 Pineapple pheno and Pot of Gold, Lucky Lion Golden Pineapple has been voted Oregon’s Party Strain by PDX Monthly. You know this blunt was a dome crusher and as potent as ever, so much so that it lasted two solo smoke sessions. It’s safe to say that these Golden Pineapple handcrafted cannabis blunts by Lucky Lion may not suitable for novice consumption. Half a blunt will more than take the edge off and the flavor is spectacular at that.

Similar to the smooth flavor and slow burn of a White Owl, Lucky Lion uses Futurola’s brand new blunt wrap cones to house their top shelf Golden Pineapple. Accompanied by a blast of tropical fruit zestiness and a sweet hint of vanilla, Golden Pineapple’s refreshing essence doesn’t just spark invigoration but blissful feelings of contentment. This sativa-leaner produces a vivacious euphoria that can lead to feelings of aloofness. Consumers looking for a serene smoking experience plus puissant effects will find instant gratification with this stimulating hybrid.

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