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Sometimes, you want to get something just because you know it looks fresh, even if you can’t justify the cost. Sometimes, it’s the cost itself that makes a purchase worthwhile. Traditionally, economists have those kinds of items “Veblen goods” after the economist Thorstein Veblen, who coined the term “conspicuous consumption”. Others take a less nuanced approach. To quote Rakim, “We ball like we own the world.” If you, too, wish to ball in the style of Rakim, one way to do so is by burning real gold joints.

Yes, you read that right. For those who wish to spend a couple of extra bucks for a whole lot of extra swag, Shine now sells an array of 24 karat gold rolling papers. The company doesn’t go very deep into the science behind these papers, but from what we can tell, the 24 karat gold leaf is layered on top of an ultra-thin rolling paper to give an even burn from the bling blunt. And yes, blunts are available. At Shine, big balling customers can find gold papers, Tyga-branded gold blunt papers, gold cones, and even a white a gold alternative, for the understated conspicuous consumer.

But, as you might expect, gold papers don’t come cheap. With two gold rolling papers selling for $10 and a pack of ten priced at $55, some smokers might balk. If they’re hoping for a little bit of green to go with their gold, they might look to the joint packs sold by FORTUNE. FORTUNE blends carefully selected Oregon craft cannabis into pre-rolled joints, which it sells in gorgeous packaging – in packs of five. For the discerning consumer looking for a pack of quality pre-rolls that aren’t made out of whatever shake was left in the bottom of your dispensaries jar, Fortune offers a compelling alternative.

What’s more, they offer a good value way to sample a gold joint. One joint in every FORTUNE five-pack comes twisted in 24 karat gold. We tried it their hybrid pack and enjoyed the smooth burn and clean taste. Are we gonna run out and smoke exclusively gold joints from here on out? Probably not. But is it nice to ball like you own the world every now and then? Absolutely. And the smoothest way to do so may just be found in Fortune pack.

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