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There was a time, not that long ago, when we were grow snobs of a sort. We operated under the assumption that if it wasn’t grown indoors, we probably didn’t want to mess with it. But lately, we’ve been impressed by some top-notch outdoor grows that give you more bang from your buck than some of the dense indoor buds we’ve all become accustomed to. In other words, we should have been listening to mom when she praised the outdoor product of yesteryear. This Green Dragon strain, brought to us by Emerald Twist farms, is one of the best outdoor grows we’ve come across in recent days.

This grow presents a leafy bud, sage green in color, with a light dusting of white trichomes with an abundance of long and fine orange hairs. The leafy structure of the outdoor grow makes for easy joint prep, even if you don’t have a grinder hand. Green Dragon’s fruity fragrance is reminiscent of many Dutch Treat or Durban Poison grows, one of our terpene profiles. And unlike some flavors that completely disappear in the combustion process, we could taste some of this sweetness coming through in the smoke.

This indica cross between Afghan and Turkish Gummy is undoubtedly a heavy hitter. It brings the heavy body feel that you’d expect from its lineage, but gives an unexpected cerebral twist. Whereas some heavy indicas leave the mind relatively unscathed, Green Dragon is not a strain for moments that require clear thinking. And though the strain will be fine for most users, it does give a hint of the kind of buzziness that pushes many sensitive users into anxiety. Those who are prone might look elsewhere.

But for the everyone else, we’re thrilled by this high potency outdoor grow. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on Emerald Twist.