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Green Dragon Extracts creates top quality cannabis products in the Oregon cannabis industry, while using the best possible techniques and quality control. The purity and potency of their products are crafted with 100% real and natural cannabis terpenes. From their brand new all-in-one cartridges to their top of the line tincture sprays, Green Dragon Extracts is catering to everyone in the cannabis community.

With a radical assortment of award winning high grade oils, Green Dragon Extracts strain specific cartridges and disposable vape pens come in Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, and CBD options. Locomotion, Pineapple OG, Critical Mass, and Blackberry Kush are a few of our favorites at The Daily Leaf. Available in ½ gram, 1 gram, and ¼ disposable options; both of their distillate and CO2 cartridges are highly purified, clean, potent, and consistent for smooth flavor and an enhanced cannabis vape experience.

Along with their original vape pen line, Green Dragon’s nonalcoholic spray tinctures give consumers rapid relief and immediate activation of THC and CBD related effects. The T-Shot is an all THC tincture that produces onset long lasting psychoactive effects. The Critical Mass 1:1 THC/CBD sublingual spray is a perfect combination that delivers the entourage effect and is the best of both worlds. For CBD enthusiasts, the C-Shot tincture or The Kure is almost all CBD and is great for medicinal non-psychoactive use. Each all natural 100 mg tincture is made from cannabis extract, grapeseed oil, and peppermint oil. While the activation time is said to be about 45 minutes, sublinguals like the tincture line from Green Dragon Extracts carry almost instant effects.

With plenty of prior accolades, Green Dragon Extracts will be entering some of their products and competing in this weekend’s Dope Cup 2018 here in Portland on October 28th. Green Dragon Extracts has product entered in the following categories: Best CBD Oil, Best THC Distillate, Best THC CO2 Oil, and Best Sublingual. You can stay updated on how Green Dragon Extracts results at this year’s Dope Cup Oregon here on The Daily Leaf website and app.

*Green Dragon Extracts was Best Prodcut Runner Up for Best CBD Oil for their Critical Mass and Best Sublingual for their T+C Shot at Dope Cup 2018. 


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