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Greater Goods CBD Chocolate Bars

CBD infused Chocolate Bars

The creators of Greater Goods are well established innovators within the health and wellness community. Delivering exquisitely delicious CBD infused products as an alternate option for those with hectic lifestyles that are looking for a bit of resiliency, Greater Goods CBD Chocolate Bars are the type of confection that truly gives you a break unlike the conventional Kit Kat Bar. Doing their very best to further contribute to the lack of elite and exclusive pure CBD infused edibles that produce an improved and enhanced way of life, the Greater Goods product line includes choice edibles, tonics, and topicals (and other creations and consumption methods to be determined). Each of the Greater Goods edibles fuse high caliber ingredients with easy to use dosing and information that allows for a functional body and brain buzz (the CBD kind of course) that leaves consumers clearheaded enough to take on any challenge during your day.

Greater Goods is consistently elevating and expanding their reach within the medicinal and recreational cannabis community, but also stretching beyond the state of Oregon. By focusing on supplying consumers with not only hemp CBD CBD infused Chocolate Bars that can be recklessly indulged, the Greater Goods team has released other potent products like topicals and an illustrious edible line of truffles. Calling all foodies and CBD enthusiasts!  Now you can feel just fine about fulfilling your fondness for sweets because all Greater Goods CBD Chocolate Bars have organic ingredients that are just as tasty and full of flavor.

The Mint Hibiscus Chocolate Bar is a gourmet version of mint chocolate chip ice cream in chocolate bar form. Doubly delicious because of the all too familiar flavor fusion, this bar bonds a rich, fudgy base of 66% organic chocolate with the invigorating essence of Oregon-grown heirloom mint with the sharp tang of organic hibiscus flower. The way your tastebuds will tingle with this one is significant but once you absorb all the chocolatey goodness you’re sure to break off more that just a square or two.

My personal favorite (if I had to choose) it would be the original chocolate bar coming from the Greater Goods edible collection is the Mocha Crunch Chocolate Bar. This bar is 43% Organic dark milk chocolate and infused with coffee and garnished with sweetened cacao nibs. Consider this full-bodied worldly delicacy of highly flavored creamy smooth organic chocolate unlike any other. Infused with more than a mouthful of rich coffee flavor then topped with a subtle layer of organic, sweetened cacao nibs for a toffee-like finishing bite.

The Orange Ginger Chocolate Bar has a bit of a quirky twist. The deep-seated flavor on this one is a 66% organic fudgy chocolate base that’s then infused with intensely flavorful and brisk orange essential oil, and finally covered with the diced baby ginger root crystallized with all natural raw cane sugar.

Greater Goods blends 100mg hemp derived CBD and full spectrum essential oil into each and every delectable chocolate bar which also contain high quality ingredients with realistic and clear dosing and information, that make it simple for all users looking for ease concerning CBD consumption. With three fantastic flavor options, Greater Goods makes every batch with the consumer’s preferences in mind.

Greater Good products are available in Oregon, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, and California.

Pictures Courtesy of Greater Goods