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Regular readers might recall that yesterday, we were just about to finish a purchase when the beautiful buds of Pink 92 caught our eye. That purchase was a gram of the Grape Gum strain, which appealed to an entirely different sense than the visually stunning Pink 92.

Grape Gum captured our noses with a sweet and fruity bouquet similar to that commonly found in some sativas and hybrids like Durban Poison, Dutch Treat, or XJ-13. We had thumbed through several strains, but our decision was made the instant we caught a whiff of the candied terpene profile. Our Serra budtender was not able to verify the strain’s lineage, but if the name (or fragrance) is any indication, Grape Ape and Bubble Gum may make up at least a part of this strain’s genetics. Indeed, the moderately dense light-colored, yellow-tipped flowers from William’s Wonder Farms do resemble many Grape Ape grows. The buds aren’t heavily coated with trichomes, but the amber hair coverage becomes dense near the tips.

Whatever the genetics, the budtender’s description of this strain as “high functioning indica” was apt. While this Grape Gum strain is potent and ill-suited to beginners, one is unlikely to find oneself lost in its sweet smoke. The high – heady, relaxing, and luxuriant when one leans into it – recedes quickly when it’s time to get moving, whether in the body or mind.

But when the time for movement is over, this strain recedes from an initial heady moment into deep body relaxation. It doesn’t quite push the user towards sleep as towards hot cocoa and and something narrated by David Attenborough. This is an all purpose smoke for heavy users, but we think it’s best for moments when you want to relax without fearing that you’ll be ill equipped to deal with whatever your phone brings next.