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The tier 3 farm Artizen isn’t just home to the 2016 Dope Cup winner Dutchberry, but has a strain collection that has a number of attention grabbers and high-profile strains available  across a Washington state. Artizen ranks high on the potency scale with modern strains like Gooberry, LA Confidential, and Galactic Glue and vintage strains Jack Herer, Blue Dream, G-13, and Sour Diesel. The leatherman of craft grade cannabis, Artizen has an extensive line of flower that will flatter users with a flurry of flavors, versatile functionality, and consistently fire.  

Grape Ape is a top seeded strain from the Artizen crew that’s best known for its extremely fragrant dense buds that smell like sweet valiant grapes, lime juice, and pepper. Grape Ape does have a bit of a floral essence like sweet cherry blossoms but the irresistible fruity presence is still very prominent. When smoked, remnants of chestnuts and sassafras fill the air, which carries undertones the sharp spiciness and silkiness of coffee. Users will bask in the grapey goodness of Artizen’s Grape Ape while dozing off into a splendorous catnap.

There’s no monkey business with this hefty indica, Grape Ape’s genetic background include three hardcore sleeper strains; the eye blearing Mendocino Purps, the body calming Afghani, and the pungent Skunk #1. Grape Ape is ultimately for users that are gearing up for some wind down time. Grape Ape is perfect for right before bedtime because its heavier dosed high skips past the couch lock phase and sends you directly snoring into the sheets. Consumers who suffer from restlessness and insomnia may also benefit from the use of Grape Ape. Smoking a bit of this brazen bud will ease users into a sedated state of sleepiness and will put be the go to strain for a restful and restorative night of snoozing.

Photos Courtesy of Artizen