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If you swing by the digital pages of the Daily Leaf with some regularity, you’ll know that we’re inclined towards flower with a big terpy floral bouquet. These days, the first question that we ask the budtender is “what have you got that smells great today?” before sticking our noses in some delightfully terpy jars. Today, we ventured into deep Northeast to Progressive Collective, a hidden gem of Portland’s dispensary landscape, tucked away in a tiny strip mall next to the MAX tracks. We like the spot for its friendly budtenders, excellent prices, and – most of all – well curated and seriously heavy strain selection. Of all the jars that we smelled, our noses were most tempted by the Golden Pineapple strain grown by Lucky Lion farms.

These Golden Pineapple buds were large and light in color, encrusted with a thick sugar of yellow trichomes with abundant amber hairs. But the strain truly shines in its sweet and fruity terpene profile, reminiscent of strains like Durban Poison or XJ-13. When we put a bud under the nose of a blindfolded friend who is a less experienced smoker, he refused to believe us when we told him that the cloyingly sweet fragrance he was smelling was marijuana.

The hybrid strain, a cross of Pineapple Kush (another favorite of ours) and Golden Goat, is potent product, not suitable for amateur consumption. But for those looking for powerful effects, it’s an excellent and balanced hybrid choice. We found it similar to the effects of the Super Sour OG from Urban Pharms that we tried recently, with a mix of relaxation and anxiety reduction combined with potent and stimulating cerebral effects. Some sativa-leaning strains produce effervescent euphoria that can lead to feelings of anxiety; this hybrid approaches that euphoric high without prompting that buzz of anxiety.

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