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A couple of months ago, we took a look at some of the marijuana-related television shows that have popped up on mainstream television. And although we were excited about seeing cannabis themes on HBO and MTV, we neglected to take a moment to explore some of the excellent weed programming that has existed for quite a while on Vice. Last night, your eager Daily Leaf correspondent received an email from the Daily Leaf Head Honcho wondering why we hadn’t taken a look at the fantastic marijuana shows that the network has on offer. He was right. So without further ado, a quick guide to Vice shows that are either about marijuana or frequently feature greenery in their storylines.



Weediquette is, almost without a doubt, the premier marijuana related television programming. The show is probably most famous for the episode that bills host Krishna Andavolu as smoking weed with the President of Uruguay (Spoiler Alert: We were disappointed to see that despite the hype, he really only takes one ceremonial drag while sitting with the President instead of properly burning one down with him). But the show goes far and wide into marijuana culture, science, and economics.


Bong Appetit

As the name implies, Bong Appetit is a cooking show that focuses on the joys of cooking with cannabis. Sure, we’ve all tried pot brownies, and as the array of edible products expands to sodas, gummies, chocolates, and more, those of us who live in legal states may have allowed our experimentation to go even farther. But with a cannabis infused Jewish shabbat dinner, a Portland based cannabis pizza party, and a look at cannabis coffee, Bong Appetit takes beyond the well known domains of edible consumption and into a new world of grasstronomy.


F*ck, That’s Delicious

Action Bronson is both a food loving rapper and a rap-loving chef and simply watching him do his thing is enough of a reason to watch F*ck, That’s Delicious. But for those who are into hip-hop, cooking, hilariousness, and marijuana, the delightful green weed does have a way of insinuating itself into many episodes of this show.


Vice Does America
Vice Does America is not a weed-themed show, but it’s a general interest news and culture show that travels across the country exploring many of its more bizarre stories. Since, strangely, America seems to be at the forefront of a global revolution in the way we think about marijuana, some of those stories stop to look at weed in America, whether it’s considering the economics of running a legal grow operation or looking that the impacts of legalization.