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If you’re spent any time in Oregon, you’ve figured out that a whole lot of things are just little bit different here. One of the many ways in which we’re different is that we’ve got a higher proportion of atheists in our state than in any other state in the union. Another way that we’re different is that we grow a lot of really, really good marijuana. So it makes sense that for a state not terribly bothered about god, we’d find other things to put our faith into. We found one good candidate when we picked up a quarter ounce of the Godberry strain.

In college, we used to joke that you’d know if you took a hit off of god’s weed, because you’d be high before you exhaled. This was before dabs. And while the Godberry strain may not quite be god’s weed, it would be unwise to take the imposing strain lightly. Small but densely packed dark green buds are coated with a light trichome dust and abundant but short dark amber pistils. The fragrance – a sweet and sour lead followed by an overwhelmingly hayish finish – doesn’t promise much. But this powerhouse strain delivers all the same.
This pure indica strain, a smooth burn and easy smoke, does everything a traditional indica should. Heavy relaxation along with a serious dose of couch lock is to be expected after a few hits off of this one. It also brought on severe munchies, so be sure to have a well stocked larder before this goes in your pipe. We can’t guarantee that the strain will help you find god, but we’re pretty sure that it will – at the very least – not worry too much if you’re still searching. Recommended for lazy days, movie marathons, and periods of crippling existential doubt.