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Gaia Bounty brings the translation of Earth Bounty to light, and creates premium cannabis infused edibles. Their THC, CBD, and Perfect Balance Bars give a nice variety for the consumer’s needs. These European style chocolates are NON-GMO and gluten free, elevating their ingredients to give consumers a sophisticated chocolate bar that happens to also have cannabis infused into them.

Gaia Bounty has been creating edibles in Oregon for quite some time now, and was Oregon’s first statewide manufacturer and distributor of quality chocolate products.  While a lot is in the works for the future of Gaia, we decided to grab one of their Perfect Blend Pyramid Bars and see how Gaia’s edibles stack up against some of the others we have had the chance to try and review.

I ended up splitting the 42MG THC | 12MG CBD bar with my girlfriend this past weekend, and wow(!) what an amazing tasting chocolate bar.  I loved how simple the ingredients in the bar were, and how elegant of a taste it brought to the buds in my mouth.  You’ll definitely want to be mindful not to east the entire bar in one sitting. The dark chocolate was oh-so-smooth, and the hint of cherry made the experience somewhat legendary.

What is interesting about edibles is that they hit everyone differently.  Every processor has their own technique and while two companies can each put out a product with 20mg of THC, a person might react differently to them.  This was the case this evening as I ended up mellowing and not even knowing that I fell asleep, while my girlfriend was hit super hard feeling as though the apocalypse might be upon us!  While the evening might have been a trip, she woke up in the morning with a beautiful stoney euphoric high and floated through the work day.

We always suggest that before knowing the dosage of edibles that is appropriate for yourself, start with 5mg and work your way up from there.  While it might be easy to eat a few gummies, or down a full chocolate bar, you might not know what 50-100MG can do to you.  Start slow, and enjoy!

Gaia’s chocolate bars deliver a full dose of tastefulness and infused delight.  We recommend heading to their Daily Leaf Site to learn more, and find out where you can purchase a bar today!