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Written by Sheena Beronio

France – The National Assembly approved the trial of medical marijuana that would potentially help 3,000 patients with no hope of recovering from conventional treatment.

The medical marijuana trial will play along with a six-month phase-in period, six months for enrolling patients, six months for medical marijuana administration and monitoring, and another six months for data analysis. This information was from a legal website called JD Supra.

The medical marijuana trial aims to help people with certain conditions that can’t be easily treated with conventional methods. These perceived conditions are neuropathic pain, intractable epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, certain nervous system conditions, and more. 

Catherine Simonin, the spokesperson for France Asso Santé and anti-cancer group, La Ligue Contre Le Cancer, said, “It is not ethical to let patients who cannot be sedated or soothed by existing medicines to suffer.”

Simmons further added that “People for whom pain leaves them no quality of life. There are definite benefits (of cannabis)… for people whose pain is not helped by existing medicines. But we must identify all of the side effects, including those that may be serious.”

While Simmons urged the public about the importance of using alternative medicine to at least ease a patient’s condition, she expressed her concern about the possible risks of medical marijuana in the human system.

“There is also the risk of addiction, and we must be sure that there is no lessening of its impact, and that there are no risks for certain organs,” said Simmons.

The French National Agency for Safety of Medicinal Products hopes to expand the trials into different formats such as cannabis oils, dried flowers, capsules, and cannabis-infused beverages. 

The French National Agency for Safety of Medicinal Products also urged personnel in the medical industry, particularly doctors, to participate in a series of trials. There will be specialized training conducted for volunteer doctors to help them get acquainted with the planned trials.

The trials for medical marijuana will shortly commence once the government sorts out the funding arrangements. Aside from funding, the government should also secure the raw cannabis source to be used in the trials.