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A couple months ago we were introduced to an edible that was on a different path from the rest of the other THC and CBD products that are sold in medical dispensaries in Oregon.  It is a product that sits on the shelves of dispensaries, can be sold recreationally, and can also be sold online because it does not contain any THC or CBD.  This edible produced by Hermetics Botanical is classified as a nootropic.

Nootropics, also called smart drugs, memory enhancers, neuro enhancers, cognitive enhancers, and intelligence enhancers—are supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that improve one or more aspects of mental function. Further beyond the bonus of clarity and focus, these edibles do one thing that we all want; help decrease your high when it becomes too much to handle.  Had too many dabs and need to come down?  Take one Focus Nootropic by Hermetics Botanical and watch as you can again function in society!

The product, Focus Nootropics, contains a proprietary amino compound which will enhance your cognition, leaving your brain energized and focused. We decided to test Focus for 1 month to see what these Nootropics were all about and to learn more about a product that has been selling off the shelves of dispensaries around Portland like Grateful Meds.  It was advised to take one Focus Nootropic gummy every morning upon waking up and before eating any food.

First Day:

When first taking the focus nootropic gummies by Hermetics Botanicals, I immediately felt (within the first 10 minutes) an opening sensation around the center of my face above my eyes.  I would describe the first feelings to be somewhat close to the feeling of taking an adderall, but much lighter.

First Week:

Got into a routine of taking Focus Nootropics every morning as I woke up.  Found myself in a second routine that put me in front of the computer getting straight to work after popping my Focus gummy.  After 1 week I would say that these nootropics help with keeping me in the work zone.  My eyes are concentrated on what is in front of me and helps with making sure that projects get finished.  No bad side effects.

After 1 Month:

Still taking Focus Nootropics every morning.  My weekly routine has become extremely detail orientated, and I feel as though there is just a bit more clarity in my life.  My ability to analyze and retain information seems to have spiked as well.  Overall I believe this month has been enhanced due to my taking of these Nootropic Focus Gummies.  I plan on continuing my daily take of these bad boys and suggest you give them a try!

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