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You can be sure that here at The Daily Leaf, you’ll find great deals on flower, concentrates, and accessories every single day, but we’ve never had a deal like this. Keep your eyes on the Daily Leaf for what might be the cheapest vape pen you’ll ever find.

We’re teaming up with REL Vape to turn this year’s Black Friday into Green Friday. Starting on November 25th, the Friday after Thanksgiving, we’ll be offering limited quantities of $5 vape pens in partnership with Portland cannabis retailers, while supplies last.

REL Vapes can be justifiably proud of their stylish product line. The Lake Oswego based company offers all-in-one disposable units (like the ones on offer for this five dollar Daily Leaf deal), as well as separately sold cartridges and battery units. All REL products come in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid varieties.

Whether disposable or reusable, all REL products feature stainless steel, glass, and ceramic construction with consistent flow from the wickless vaping technology. They rely on pure CO2 extraction methods and, according the company, use nanotechnology as part of their production process. We don’t know if nanotechnology makes your vaping any better, but we do know that they look great. What’s more, every REL product comes complete with REL branded bases to help you store your pens upright for consistent flow.

So keep your eyes here at The Daily Leaf to cash in on this insanely good deal. Here’s how the deal’s gonna work: starting on Friday, November 25th and every Friday after that until we run out out of supplies, we’ll let you know which of our cannabis retail partners you need to check out. Then you head over to the dispensary and give them your five bucks. It’s that easy. Check back in a week later and pick up another one, because supplies are limited to one unit per customer per week

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