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The first Florida medical marijuana dispensary has officially opened in Tallahassee this week, following a soft opening Monday.

Trulieve, which is operated by North Florida’s Hackney Nursery, is the first of six nurseries — including one in Central Florida — to start dispensing organizations of low-THC cannabis, or medical marijuana.

The retail cannabis shop location is located at 800 Capital Circle SE in Tallahassee and began selling Low-THC cannabis earlier this week, and will proceed with the sales of High-THC cannabis in August.

“We’re on the cusp of a new era in the state of Florida and for the cannabis industry nationwide,” said CEO Kim Rivers. “Florida is one of the largest states in the country, so I think that this really is a game-changer and a tilting point for the national conversation.”

In order to qualify for medical cannabis, Florida patients must suffer from, be diagnosed, or show specific signs of cancer, or a chronic illness causing seizures or muscle spasms. Or, they must be terminally ill. Patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, chronic seizures and chronic muscle spasms can order medical marijuana by contacting their physician, as long as both are in a state registry.

“We have been moving very, very quickly,” Rivers said. “We actually are not required to start dispensing until early September, but we felt like it was our responsibility to get product into the hands of these patients as soon as possible.”

Other approved dispensary locations in the state include:

  • Hackney Nursery Co. — northwest region
  • Chestnut Hill Tree Farm LLC — northeast region
  • Alpha Foliage — southwest region
  • Costa Nursery Farms LLC — southeast region

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