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Father’s Day is coming up quick, which inspired us to feature some great Father’s Day gift ideas. Here are a few marijuana products that we know your dad would absolutely love. Whether he’s new to the world of marijuana or an old time ganja smoker, these items are a great addition to your stoner dad’s collection of pipes and gadgets.

Apothecanna in Portland, ORApothecanna Father’s Day Gift Set, $99: Every hard-working and hard-living father deserves this perfect setup of cannabis-infused creams, sprays, and oils. Apothecanna offers this exclusive and limited set of cannabis products that include relieving creme, spray, and face/body oil, which is ideal for a dad who needs to practice a little self-care. Each and every one of these products will settle any anxiety or physical tension, all with the healing power of cannabis.

cannador father's day gift ideaCannador, $159-$240: A more sophisticated father needs a more sophisticated stash box, choose the classiest cannabis storage solution for your dad who wants to keep all his buds extra fresh. Cannador stash boxes are completely smell proof and come in different wood varieties like walnut or cherry. The best thing about this stash box is that it won’t look out of the ordinary sitting in his work study or on his night stand.

firefly vaporizer father's day gift ideaFirefly 2, $329.99: Whether you’re introducing your dad to marijuana for the first time or he’s the one that showed you how to roll your first joint, the freshly designed Firefly 2 dry herb vaporizer is an excellent way to get better acquainted with the world of vaping. With a more polished look than the original Firefly, the Firefly 2 won’t waste any vapor and delivers even better quality and performance. The Firefly 2 is without a doubt one of the highest quality and best performing vaporizers and gift your stoner dad will more than appreciate.

personal vaporizer stashtray father's day gift ideas

Myster Stashtray, $150 ($195 with Bundle): For the newcomer, help your dad keep his stash and accessories stored away in a safe clean space with the sleek and crisp looking Stashtray from Myster. This all-in-one tray that comes with a grinder, strain container, ashtray, and bowl stand. The best feature is that all the accessories are magnetic so they can easily be attached to the tray. Your dad won’t have to worry about misplacing his pipe or other glass pieces with the help of the Stashtray. It even comes with a First Edition Bundle!

(Photos Courtesy of Vapor Nation, Myster, Cannador, Apothecanna and The Atlantic)