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Blazing past some of the most popular pre-roll pioneers and producers, Exotic Blendz’ primo pre-roll packs are the kind of smoking experience everyone is entitled to. These pre-roll packs are specifically curated for smokers that like their joints to get them “lifted and ready” or those that like to “relax and chill” while smoking an Exotic Blendz pre-roll that’s both “smooth and heavy”. Aiming for consistency with their premium pre-rolls and only using the best quality flower to create them, Exotic Blendz has three types of pre-roll packs available in various strain specific options; Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica. Available in 5pk and 10pk options, each cannabis pre-roll is .5g of choice locally sourced flower packed in unrefined rolling papers that are 100% color and chlorine free, vegan, non-GMO, and slow burning.

Having a line of pre-rolls with over 15 different strain specific pre-roll packs to choose from; Gorilla Cookies and Afgoo have been crowd pleasers that stuck out to our team here at The Daily Leaf. Afgoo is on the “chill and relax” side of the fence, so it comes to no surprise that after a joint or two some of us felt ready to lounge for the rest of the afternoon. The Afghani pheno has a sharp taste just like the spices they use to make Jamaican jerk chicken or similar to ginger nibs and cloves. Get ready to sink deep into the chair that you’re chilling in cause it’s guaranteed a cat nap is in the cards.

Gorilla Cookies is an Exotic Blendz staple and falls into their hybrid category; which suits the strain well because day or night Gorilla Cookies pre-rolls provide a universally pleasant and gratifying high. This optimal fusion of two acclaimed top shelf strains immediately brings about a cyclone of contrasting traits, a definite one hitter quitter to say the least. The heavy stone that starts under the eyes circulates through the rest of the top half of the body with a slight buzzing sensation. The Gorilla patronage will literally glue you to your seat if you decide to puff on more than on pre-roll. Exuding a refreshingly funky flavor with light touches of cypress and charred wood, Gorilla Cookies is beyond loud (strong-smelling) enough to alert the whole neighborhood.

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