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Recent reviews of studies in humans and animals suggest that CBD treats anxiety with some effectiveness. Quality research is limited, but the evidence available suggests that the substance, also known as cannabidiol, helps reduce the fear response in mammals. Though we’re happy to see this backed up by data, the value of CBD in treating anxiety is something we at The Daily Leaf have recently come to learn about through experience.

Your trusty Daily Leaf correspondent often comes across some rather unexpected products in the course of his business. Vape bubblers (surprisingly smooth), drops to make your high go away (they don’t work and why would you want them to?), and fast-acting THC sugar (awesome!) have all recently crossed the company desk. Which means there was nothing particularly novel about the bag of Harle-Tsu that wound up on our desk a few weeks ago. Sure, your correspondent took the bag of the CBD rich Harlequin and Sour Tsunami cross home, but then it just kind of sat in his top drawer for a while. Because, really, who wants weed that doesn’t get you high?

But when circumstances left your correspondent struggling with crushing anxiety (it’s personal, stop asking), he remembered some talk of the stress reducing properties of CBD. He twisted a CBD spliff, fired it up, and felt his heart rate reduce and his breathing calm. This stuff really works.

So it’s reassuring to see LiveScience report on a recent review of CBD science. Although many studies considered by the metareview were conducted on rats, at least two were conducted on humans. The studies found that rats demonstrated reduced anxiety after exposure to CBD when subjected to frightening conditions (but how do you measure a rat’s fear?) and humans with social phobias demonstrated less anxiety when speaking publically.
As always, more and better research is needed, which will require federal marijuana reform. In the meantime, keep an eye on Israel, where pharmaceutical companies enjoy much more leeway to produce cannabis-derived medications.