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For the entire month of March Emerald Twist will be offering their flower products for 15% off at Greenbuds Dispensary. Emerald Twist is a co-op made up of 13 growers and farms, the most experienced has 35 years, the least experienced has 10 years. Needless to say, they have a vast experience growing high-quality cannabis under the sun.

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Emerald Twist is a Clean Green Certified (CGC) operation. The CGC program is based on National and International Organic and Sustainable Farming Methods. The certification process includes on-site inspections, review of farming methods & record keeping, use of natural, non-synthetic sprays & fertilizers and encompasses soil care, planting, growing, harvesting, handling, processing, packaging & labeling.

The standards for Clean Green Certified are the same as the standards for USDA organic.  There is a large list of materials (mostly fertilizers and pesticides) that must be studied to ensure they meet the standards before being used at Emerald Twist farms.  Many fertilizers and pesticides used in conventional agriculture are toxic to people and the environment, and are energy intensive to produce.

Fun Facts on The Emerald Twist Family:

  • One of their members is the breeder of Omega, Permafrost and Megafrost
  • Emerald Twist got their start in the north-most tip of the Emerald Triangle in Southern Oregon and that is where they got their name Emerald Twist from
  • Emerald Twist has operations in Oregon and Washington. Soon they plan to expand to CA as well

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