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Another new and notable strain coming out of the Novik Industries vault is Ego Loss. For users looking to mellow out and take a load off or anyone that loves a lackadaisical laidback smoke session that sends you into a state of gratification and contentment. This strain may produce a cognitive cloud for some if they happen to overindulge during the earlier hours of the day, still Ego loss is a humbling strain as it can overtake even the most experienced users and put them in their place.

The prominently frosty nugs of Ego Loss almost distract from the bold robust fragrance that gives off heavy tones of cedar, sweet apricots, and cherry blossoms while under the surface are light notes of leather, clove, and smoked pepper. The intensified variety of flavors switch from sweet to savory as the smoke settles in the back of the palate. The finishing touch carries an undercurrent of floral and earthy notes when exhaling.

Ego Loss inherits the mysteriously authentic attributes are from its complex lineage of ’92 OG x Malawi x NL5 Haze F2 x Memory Loss (Amnesia Haze x Face-Off BX1). Some may think they can go blow for blow and puff for puff until they are sent into an uncluttered refreshed tranquilizing state while using this cultivar. Don’t be fooled, no egos will surpass the gusto and calming cloud that’s induced by Ego Loss. Perfect for settling the nerves and a great strain to slip into your morning wake and bake routine because of the somewhat rousing cerebral effects in conjunction with a mildly mellow experience. It lifts the mood, clears the mind of stress and anxiety, and delivers the stamina users may need to make it through a lengthy day. The tranquil euphoria balances out the head high that takes on the forefront by taking care of tense muscles.

During the second half of the day, Ego Loss produces a flood of relief accompanied by high spirits that spreads throughout the mind and spices up the mood. As a predominantly evening time toker, this strain puts a grin on my face from the first to the last drag of the joint. All worries and concerns melt away and take a backseat to carefree vibes and smoothly flowing headspace.